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About Appling, GA - Happy to be your hometown Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor!

An unincorporated community in Columbia County, Georgia, Appling has an estimated population of more than 3,100 residents.  Formerly a city, it wasn’t able to remain incorporated as the passing of the 1993 legislation required cities to provide at least three municipal services. Since the city had no functioning corporate authorities, it lost its charter in 1995. While Appling is recognized as the county seat of Columbia County, all governmental functions are conducted in Evans.

Formerly known as Columbia Courthouse, the town was chartered in 1816 and given the name ‘Appling’ to honor the family of William Appling who donated the land for the county. The town was the religious, political, social and educational center of Columbia County in the early 19th century. Columbia Institute and Mt. Carmel Academy were both located near Appling.

The Georgia Railroad was established in the 1830s. The Courthouse underwent a major overhaul in 1855 and the renovations were finally completed the following year. A tornado in the 1870s nearly wiped Appling off the map, and the city was never able to regain the prestige it had prior to the Civil War and the tornado. 

While efforts were made to organize the municipality, the corporation still remained inactive causing Appling to lose its charter in the early 20th century.  As of today, Appling is a quiet town and home to the oldest courthouse in the state, which has been continuously operating since 1856. Wildwood Park is a county park that hosts annual sporting and fishing events.

Lying on the shoreline of Clark’s Hill Lake, the park also houses the Professional Disk Golf Association that features three disk golf courses. The real estate offered in Appling is some of the most expensive in the state of Georgia. There are also many parks that offer recreational opportunities to the residents of the town, including Lonnie O. Morris Sr. Ball Park, Wildwood Park and Mistletoe State Park.  When it comes to education, the Columbia County School District serves the students of Appling.

The town of Appling receives 48 inches of rainfall and 0 inches of snowfall per year. With the average high in the summer season around 92 degrees, having a reliable air conditioning system is important to maintain comfort in your home. Moreover, since the mercury drops as low as 36 degrees, it’s highly recommended that you invest in a heat pump to keep your home heated.